• Member FAQ
  • Q1. How do I join a member?
    1. 1. Click on “Login” and click on “New Member Registration”. Fill in the basic information or click on Facebook to sign up to become a UNIQUE7  member for free.
    2. 2. You can also purchase the product to join the shopping cart. Click “First Shopping Checkout” when you check out the shopping cart. Fill in your subscriber information to join the member and complete the purchase.
  • Q2. What should I do if I forget my password?
    1. 1. If you have forgotten your password, please click “Login”, click “Forgot Password” and enter the registered email. The system will automatically send the password reset notification to the email address you set, and then ask you to collect it. Mail and click on the link in the text to reset the password.
    2. 2. If you are using Facebook to register your account, since the password is stored in the Facebook system, UNIQUE7  does not have access to the relevant information, so you can’t get the Facebook password by clicking the Forgot password.
  • Q3. How do I change my profile and password?
    1. 1. Please log in to the “Dashboard Center” > “Basic Information” and click “Edit Profile” to modify
    2. 2. If you need to change your password, please go to “Member Center” > “Password Settings” to enter the old password and new password. Press to confirm and send it. After the message “Modify Complete” appears on the page, please log in immediately and log in with your new password. Oh.
  • Q4. I can’t receive the UNIQUE7  order confirmation letter and open the invoice notification letter.
    1. 1. Please confirm that the email account filled in the basic information is correct.
    2. 2. Please go to the spam mailing list, check the “UNIQUE7” letter that was mistakenly judged as spam, click the button “This is not spam” above, or click “Add to Address Book”
  • Shopping FAQ  
    • Q2. What payment and pick-up methods are currently available?
      1. UNIQUE7  currently  supported payment methods for all  local  banks malaysia only.
    • Q3. How can I check the processing status of the current order?
      1. 1. Please log in to the “Member Center” and click “Order View” to check the processing status of the order.
      2. 2. We only provide order inquiries within six months.
    • Q4. After the order is established, can I cancel, add, modify the quantity and size of the goods, or combine the order free shipping?
      1. 1. After the order is established, if you want to modify the order, please go to the “Order Inquiry” to cancel the order and then place the order again. Remind you, if you cancel the order and re-order, the goods inventory should be based on the current page!
      2. 2. If there is no “Cancel Order” button on the order inquiry page, it means that the order has entered the logistics center. In order to avoid affecting the product inventory and avoiding accounting errors, please do not modify the order or modify the order for you. Add or “merge” order items.
      3. 3. If you have an unsuitable product after receiving the goods, we suggest that you return the goods within the 7-day appreciation period of the goods. Thank you.
    • Q5. How to calculate the “seven-day appreciation period”?
      1. In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, UNIQUE7  provides you with a seven-day appreciation period for the arrival of the goods, which is counted from the next day after the consumer completes the receipt of the receipt until the 7th day (if your recipient address has an administrator) For collection, the calculation will be based on the next day of collection, please pay attention to the delivery notice), which is the seven-day appreciation period.
        For example, the time to complete the signing is 01/20, and the day after the seven-day appreciation period is 01/21~01/27. If you want to apply for a return, you need to log in to the “Order Inquiry” page to submit a return application before 01/27. There will be a home delivery company that we have delegated to return to your designated address within 5 working days to retrieve the returned goods.
        Remind you! In the following cases, you will not be able to return the goods for you. Please pay attention to avoid affecting your return rights.
      2. 1. Please be especially careful if you have makeup when trying on. If you have powder makeup on your clothes, please do not accept the return.
      3. 2. Unusual try-on, has been worn for a long time, has used creases or dirt or taste.
      4. 3. Based on the principle of hygiene, close-fitting clothing such as underwear and socks can not be returned once unpacked.
      5. 4. When returning, the accessories are not complete or the tag has been cut (please return all packaging accessories for shirts and other items).
      6. 5. It has been processed on the goods, such as: embroidered, cut, printed, etc., and the non-UNIQUE7 products are the same (please confirm the processing of the goods before processing).
      7. 6. The event giveaway has not been returned.
      8. 7. More than seven days of appreciation.
    • Q6. How long does it take to order pre-ordered items?
      1. 1. The pre-ordered product shipment time is usually 15~30 days later.
      2. 2. Pre-ordered items will be shipped together with the goods that have been checked out in your pre-purchased shopping cart.
    • Q7. I have purchased spot goods and pre-ordered goods. Do I have to wait until the pre-ordered goods arrive to be shipped together?
      1. In order to avoid your long-term, UNIQUE7 uses the spot goods and pre-ordered goods to separate the checkout and separate shipments. The pre-ordered products will be shipped after the goods that are checked out in your pre-purchased shopping cart.
  • Returns and refunds
  • Q1. How to apply for return?
    1. In order to simplify and speed up the process of obtaining suitable products, UNIQUE7  does not provide a replacement service and only accepts “return processing”. If there is any unsuitable product after picking up the goods, please calculate the 7th day from the next day, and apply for the return online during the appreciation period. If you purchase 5 pieces, 1 piece is inappropriate or dislike, you only need to return the goods. Yes, please choose the reason for returning the item as the basis for our improvement.
    2. This return service is only available to those who use the order delivery address in Malaysia; if you want to return the international parcel, please contact customer service.

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